Choose between one day or a week tour by kayak or canoe.

The channel provides very fine canoeing. The northern parts of the channel is largely on lakes, and thus fits well for kayak so that you will not be so sensitive to wind and waves. The closer you come Mälaren, becomes smaller lakes and rivers are more channel paddling. On the way you will pass sluices, and powerplants as you need to lift past. The entire canal is part of the Ecomuseum Bergslagen and you can take the opportunity to visit the cultivations, tanks and other historical sights on the way. You can book tours with delivery of canoes, packing and participants along Strömsholm canal, ranging from day tours to week tours. Besides canoes and run-out, you can also rent equipment as camping stoves, tents and sleeping bags from us. You can also book tours where you get to you a picnic basket of locally produced lunch or to stop for food and lodging at the inn along the canal.